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Since 1973 we have been selecting the best products to best furnish your home. On you will find decorative curtain rails, aluminum curtain rails, accessory fabrics and interior curtains of the best brands on the market. The quality of the materials, the professionalism of those who for over 40 have been producing furnishing curtains with the attention and care that only craftsmanship can achieve.


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Nothing should be taken for granted ...

Baboon is the wallpaper you don't expect. He jumps among the trends, sees them, chooses them, retrieves them from the past, anticipates them. Baboon is never satisfied with what he has already seen, but always goes further. A multisensory decoration approach, wallpapers that define a new interpretation of space. One could look at its two letters O of the logo as two curious eyes that observe the world and filter it, capturing its essence, shapes, color, soul, up to the most unexpected and original habitat, the ideal decoration for any wall.

From today you can configure all our products in every single component

We have been making our products by hand since 1973, giving our customers the opportunity to choose and create each single product according to their needs. From today it is also possible online, we have inserted each product so that you can configure it step by step by choosing the feature you want for each component, all with extreme ease.

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Our strengths

Our showroom directly to your home

To ensure that you can choose the best with the certainty of buying a product that meets your expectations, we have inserted the sampling. In this section you can choose which fabrics to view and touch directly at home. You will be able to check the quality of the yarn, touch with your hand and see the texture and softness, bring the fabric close to the wall or sofa to see if the combination is what you want to create. You can buy a sample or more samples of the fabric you want to see in real life, within a few days you will receive the sample box with a personal code inside. You will need the code when purchasing the packaged curtain or fabric by the meter, in fact, by entering it when ordering the entire amount spent in the sampling will be deducted from the total of the cart.

Wholesale and supplies

Are you a professional in the sector, do you work in the field of interior design and want to buy our products wholesale? Fill in the following form, you will receive a dedicated access to the site with which you can buy at a discount reserved for you. Access will be provided exclusively to freelancers and activities related to the interior design sector.


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